Practice Conservation Agriculture
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CA Poster ThumbnailAmong the 15 key strategies to mitigate climate change, Conservation Agriculture (CA) is the only option and approach that:

  • turns carbon sequestration into a profitable business for immediate private financial gain, thereby mitigating climate change by eradicating poverty;
  • constitutes a mitigation strategy that applies to, and can be implemented by, seventy-five percent of the poor people in our world who depend on agriculture to survive;
  • does not require immediate, massive front-loading investment with distant future pay-off, but which generates immediate and cumulative financial gain;
  • does not expect or require immediate local action or investment to create future public goods, but generates public goods as a direct, but emerging consequence of private investment for personal gain;
  • builds and leads to new carbon sequestration equilibriums and dynamic, system stabilizing processes that increases the inherent resilience of soils (one of the two major carbon sinks of our planet), to carbon buffeting.

Our CA Poster explains and illustrates the most widely accepted and endorsed core principles and procedures of CA. Using these 'universal principles' as a common 'master', we are producing CA posters in many local languages. Our goal is to put the 'CA message' into every rural home as per our vision and the procedures explained on our Posters Home Page.

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